Logo, web design, interaction design, UI

The Problem

Millions upon millions of the world's population live, work, study, or travel outside of their home countries, and to a greater extent, outside of their home states/provinces or hometowns. CultureMesh is an early stage startup that is building networks to match these real-world dynamics and knit the diverse fabrics of our world together. However, the existing website was very bare-bones and was in dire need of some design guidance. I redesigned and rearchitected the website from the ground up and provided visual specs and assets to developers.



I started by redesigning the logo and creating a workflow of the entire site. For the logo as well as the entire site, I wanted to channel aspects of friendliness, happiness, warmth, community. The color palette I settled on includes green and red, bold colors that feel natural and spur action respectively, mixed with a tint of yellow to give off the emotional vibe of happiness and hope.


On the home page, I very much wanted to feature the various communities represented by CultureMesh and the unique qualities, activities, customs, and practices they each bring to the table. This is highlighted by the scrolling background of images as the hero graphic on the home screen. Searching for communities is also highlighted as the main action item on this page. The page also features popular networks as well as more detail about CultureMesh for first time users.

Home Page

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Networks, or communities, on CultureMesh have two characteristics: type of people and location. For example, we could have Korean speakers (type of people) in San Francisco (location). Community members can communicate on their network pages, doing anything from advertising events to posting activities, sharing articles, selling items, etc. On individual network pages, I've highlighted key attributes about the network and added features such as a map of postings and events in the side bar and the displaying of similar networks. Users have the ability to upload photos and videos to the network pages.

Individual Network Page

User Profile & Dashboard

For the user profile and dashboard sections, I wanted to draw out the most important pieces of information for users and make those very accessible. The information is clearly broken out in the tabbed navigation on these pages. Users are able to quickly view the communities they belong to, the posts they've made in the past, events or activities they've attended, and even discover activities in the future that might interest them.

User Dashboard